1980 Volkswagen Rabbit 4 door Gas 4 speed.

Great shape.. going to have alternator rebuilt here today and get a battery and it good to go. Interior is clean original am radio odometer says 17,000. So it’s 117 or 217 or 317k gas 4 speed. I bet with a buff , some gti flares and coil overs it be awesome daily… $1500

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Lincoln Nebraska


1980 Red VW Rabbit

1981 Vw Rabbit Diesel Pick up truck for sale

1981 Caddy

1981 Volkswagen Rabbit Pick up Truck


1981 Volkswagen Rabbit Pick Up Truck
1.6l Diesel Non-Turbo Factory Engine
90,000 original miles
4 speed Manual Transmission
Air Conditioning equipped ( Have not tried to use it, probably needs work but all parts are there and hooked up )
14″ Original Rabbit GTI ” SNOWFLAKE ” rims with New 195-60-14 tires
Sony Tape player ( I cant find a tape to find out if the tape player works but radio works )
Pioneer dash speakers
Dark Navy Blue interior in great condition. ( headliner is held up with thumb tacks )
Desirable factory sealed door vent windows ( the opening style always break and are usually glued shut anyways )
Industrial Rear bumper with trailer ball. ( I think it was a factory added option , not sure )
The bed of the truck was at some time treated with some kind of rust preventer as you can see a slight discoloration.
Tool box with locks and the locks even work!


I purchased this truck off craigslist from I believe the 3rd owner. He had owned is 2004 and 76,000. He used it to commute to work for a few years and retired 4-5 years ago and started to not use the truck much but it was stored in a heated garage with concrete floor. He claimed to have started it up and drove it a short distance every so often then decided to sell it and I bought it.

Recent Work:

I replaced the Brake master cylinder , driver side rear wheel cylinder , had the factory alternator rebuilt , installed new ac / alternator belts bought and installed a brand new battery , new battery posts as well. Brand new Monroe rear Air-shocks.

Parts I bought but haven’t gotten around to installing but are included:

All new factory coolant hoses , upper front strut bearings , shift linkage repair and bushing kit , a spare wheel cylinder. ( I bought a pair ), Brand new heater core.
There might be more stuff in the little tool box as all my parts are in there.

Current Condition:

Been driving it around town a lot in the last few weeks. Glow plug light works but doesn’t ever really shut off until after you start the truck. The truck vibrates ( could use motor mounts ) drives straight down the road like it should. 3 days ago when I went to go clean it up for the ebay auction and take pictures. After the car wash I go to turn the heater on and at that point I realized the heater core is bad. ( I didn’t know that as its been nice out and haven’t used the heat ). Driving the truck around town , 2nd gear is kind of tricky – you can tell when you get it in 2nd gear but when you miss it or don’t engage it correctly its not in gear and wont go. ( reason I bought the shift linkage repair kit ). Yesterday , December 3rd I loaded up the truck full of rims and tires from my garage to put them in storage and drove the truck 30 minutes on highway , going about 60 MPH on average. Truck drives great down the road and even has plenty of power ( engine wise for it being a 1.6 diesel ) I got to the corner where I turned to go up a hill and in 4th gear after going 1/2 mile the clutch started slipping. There is no Tachometer but I could tell it was revvin’ up but not going. I stopped , started in first gear drove around 4 another 15 minutes and could NOT get it to duplicate it, but it happen.

What it needs:

Hopefully you have made this far into the ad.

Heater core needs replaced – was told it a 2 hour job , I am including the heater core. ( yes you are welcome )
I am not sure if simply the clutch is the issue with 2nd gear being hard and obviously it slipped on me. I do have a spare FF code 5 speed transmission I removed from another Truck I parted out a few years ago, it can be included if desired. I also have another truck currently that has a 4 speed transmission but it doesn’t run and is untested.
Install all the parts I have listed above. The front struts could probably use replaced as well.


Living in the mid-west ( Nebraska ) yes we have rust. This truck has some rust but is not ” RUSTY ” in my opinion. The biggest concern is the passenger side strut tower. There is a small hole behind it and looking up through the passenger wheel well you can see a small hole and some cracking of the undercoating material. You can not put your fist through it like a lot of Midwest Mk1 Caddy’s ( I know I have parted out 10 of them In the last 2 years ) There is a spot on the driver side door in the bottom.. But the rest of the truck is very solid and straight. Rockers and floor pans appear to be in awesome shape.

Terms & Details:

Sold as is where is , Lincoln Nebraska 68516. I can work with a shipping company but that must be arranged completely by you, the buyer. Truck can be picked up only after payment is made in full. If you want to chat about it 402-953-2671 NO TEXT – MUST leave a message.

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1981 VW Diesel on Ebay

Sportruck – got new shoes and a new grill badge


Yep – the RML’s kept rubbing = that happens wtih a 15×8 wheel with an et30 offset.

So i bought Ronal Teddy Bears – they came like this

Ronal Teddy Bears

bought an awesome paint marker – kids helped a little

Ronal Teddy Bear

Now they look like this

Ronal Teddy Bears

My front grill badge – was an idea ive had for awhile… i made the Super Vdub emblem / crest a long time ago – been using it as a avatar forever – and on some other websites. I even sold shirts / keychains ( i still have some key-chains ) – So my BFF Dave works at they have this new water jet thing and he told me to get him details.. i am super happy with it –

Super VW

Super VW

test fitted on a spare MINT grill i have laying around…

Super Vw

Super VW

Fit perfect – so i installed it on the Sportruck



1983 Rabbit GTI 8v black w/ Blue interior – Bought it for some parts for the sportruck


Yes folks – i bought the whole car to use the front seats in my Sportruck.  I also plan to use the bolt in style vent windows , the front euro bumpers – then i think i am going to part out the rest of the car and leave it as a runner – maybe sell shell as race car project for someone.  I am parting it out – holla if ya need something.